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With her pottery then her sculpture, Catherine MONTHULÉ expresses her love of soft rounded shapes, born initially from clay and resin and then ,more recently from the noble materials other art: bronze and stone.

The purity of the lines sought by the artist and the fine soft outlines of the shapes gives rise to the generous, ample sensuality of feminine beings, swollen with promise and worthy of works created by our ancestors.

With Catherine MONTHULÉ each work comes from her hands amplified by the impressive beauty of the postures. Her work emits a quiet fascination where the luminosity of the material and the insistent impact of a charming, petrified nobility is engraved.

What harmony in these loving couples with their attentive faces; their bodies whose suggestion of shapes and limbs contributes to the timelessness of a beautiful sculpture and to the realism as mythical as it is modem. Here is a captivating work of life and hope expressed by a talent which is calm but troubled and always strongly evocative.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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